If you find a snake do not approach it or aggravate it.

Dugite Photo: Emma McLerie

Most people are bitten by snakes when they accidentally step on them, or when they are trying to capture/kill them. Keep a watchful eye on the snake a call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055 for your nearest “Snake Relocator”. For further information on what to do if you are bitten by a snake, you can click HERE.


If a bobtail is seen trying to cross a road it should be moved to the side where it can safely continue in the direction it was travelling. Should the bobtail be injured then it should be quickly place in a box, kept warm and put in a quiet place until help can be arranged.

Photo: Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Some methods are to picking up a Bobtail are:

Wave a decoy hand in front to distract it and then grasp behind neck with other hand, gently lift the bobtail supporting under body with decoy hand.

Place foot in front to distract and proceed as above.

The bobtail can be GENTLY swept into a dust pan or onto a shovel


If you come across a injured turtle, please place in a container with a damp cloth (no water). When handling the turtle please be careful not to drop them as they “wiggle” and can be slippery. You can use a towel to pick them up but watch for the claws as they can scratch.

Photo: TORRN

Turtles lay their eggs in nest quite a distance from the water. So if you come across any hatchlings please help them on their way and place it in the vegetation near the nearest body of water.

Please then contact TORRN (Turtle Oblonga & Rescue and Rehabilitation Network Inc)

0424 727 411 East Metro 0424 727 624 South Metro 0414 476 867 North Metro

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