Swooping Magpies

Magpies only “swoop” during the breeding season which only lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, and usually occurs between August and October. But to many people it seems like MUCH longer.

This behaviour is only designed to scare off intruders, but this behaviour scares some people and sadly, in some cases has resulted in an injury (of human and bird). Relocation of these dominant magpies is not an option. The loss of the dominant magpie being removed from the tribe can result in a loss of territory for the family. This territory can include the roosting and nesting sites (loss in babies), food and water resources.

To avoid fright or injury you can:

  • Avoid the area for a few weeks while they are being territorial (or take a different route)
  • Wear a protect hat (sticking eyes to the back of the hat is meant to act as a deterrent)
  • Use an umbrella as you walk through the area.magpie-close-call

If you have further concerns you can contact your nearest Wildlife Shelter/Rehabilitator.

For further information on “Living with Magpies” (Department of Parks and Wildlife) please click on the following link HERE

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